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Zutphen Contractors make biggest donation in Inverness Hospital history

A local company is helping a local hospital in a big way.

Zutphen Contractors donated one million dollars to the Inverness Consolidated Memeorial Hospital.

Zutphen Co-owner Harvey VanZutphen says the donation is in honour of their past and present staff.

"Our employees are the centre of our business and we appreciate them all, including those who work with us now and years ago.
Many of them and their families use the services at Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital for their care and it would be only fitting to honour them with this donation."

Zutphens currently employ about 110 people from Inverness Co. and beyond.

ICMH Facility Manager Heather Gillis says the hospital is very appreciative of this donation.

"I would like to thank the VanZutphen families for their incredible donation.
Over the years, our hospital has experienced much growth and change.
This donation will give us the ability to evolve and respond to the needs of our patients as well as continue to provide excellent care to our communities."

Brenda Rankin MacDonald, Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital Charitable Foundation Fundraising Coordinator says they are very thankful for the donation.

"Today, we are thrilled this phenomenal donation will help our patients and staff with future equipment purchases and projects.
It is a great day for Inverness County."

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