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Wind warning signs to be installed after Inverness Co. crash

Two large wind warning signs will be installed in Inverness County.

The Nova Scotia Public Works’ Traffic Division is finalizing the requirements for two large, electronic signs, equipped with flashing lights that will automatically activate in the presence of hazardous winds.

These signs will be placed along the Cabot Trail.

Deputy Premier and Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster says there has been accidents here involving high sided vehicles like trucks or RVs, which have been blown off the ground by the winds known locally as Les Suetes.

“These signs will improve safety by warning those traveling between the National Park and Belle Cote to get off the road and seek shelter when there are strong winds coming off the mountains.”

On Monday, Public Works was assessing the best locations for placement of the new signs, keeping in mind various site conditions such as the availability of space for tractor trailers to park if needed.

Local first responders and police were asked for their thoughts based on their knowledge of past events.

Despite current global supply chain issues, staff members are working to have the signs in place this fall.

In the meantime, the smaller warning signs that are currently in place will be re-purposed throughout the approximately 20 kilometre stretch of road affected.

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