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Strait Area Chamber supports West Mabou golf course proposal

When it comes to a golf course in West Mabou, the local chamber of commerce fully supports the idea.

The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce sent a letter of support last week to Former Premier Rodney MacDonald.

MacDonald is working with Cabot Cape Breton as their Community Liaison.

You can read the full letter below from SACOC President John Ouellette.

Strait Area Chamber of Commerce

November 7, 2022

RE: Mabou Golf Course Proposal

Dear Mr. MacDonald,

The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce (SACOC) is a not-for-profit business development organization that promotes, improves, and protects trade and commerce in the Strait Region of Nova Scotia. Our goal is to make the Strait Area one of the best regions in which to invest, live, work and conduct business. Our membership is strong – 375 and growing, making us a strong voice for business across the Strait Area.

SACOC recognizes the positive economic and social impact that industrial and commercial infrastructure has on the Strait Region and the Provincial Economy. We encourage the development of the infrastructure necessary to support existing business models, enhance market access and generate healthy returns which will result in a strong Nova Scotia economy. SACOC supports industrial and commercial infrastructure developments that fit within the criteria detailed in our Industrial Infrastructure Development Policy.

Golf course development has been shown in economic impact studies to have huge spin-off effects and will create new and enhanced opportunities for existing and new companies. This project aligns well with other local development initiatives and will provide complementary services that will be attractive to investment. We realize the operation of this golf course will result in a significant boost to the service, retail, and commercial businesses in the region, as well as for professional service providers. In addition, it will provide growth in all surrounding communities and will result in the creation of new jobs and businesses.

The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce conditionally supports Cabot Cape Breton’s intent to develop a World Class Golf Course within the boundaries of the West Mabou Provincial Park pending comprehensive consultation with local First Nation Communities, completion of a detailed environmental assessment by the Province of Nova Scotia, and the successful approval to lease the designated property. Best of luck with your plans for the development of this project.

John Ouellette, President

Strait Area Chamber of Commerce

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