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Square dancing returning to Cape Breton Island April 1st

It‘s been almost two years since the State of Emergency was put into place because of the pandemic.

Ever since, the people of Cape Breton Island have been waiting to return to the dances.

With pandemic restrictions coming to an end in Nova Scotia, a big square dance is being planned at the Mabou Hall.

Margie Beaton, Andrea Beaton and Ryan MacDonald are planning the event.

The dance will feature over 16 musicians you that you hear on CBFM including Mairi Rankin and Mac Morin of Beòlach, Rodney MacDonald and Glenn Graham will be “Traditionally Rockin” and Howie MacDonald and many more will be drivin’er.

The dance will start at 8 and end at 12.

Admission is by donation and all funds will be donated to Mabou Development.

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