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Snowshoers injured on Cape Smokey

A multi-agency response led to the rescue of two snowshoers in Ingonish Ferry.

On February 19th, at 3:40 p.m., Victoria Co. RCMP, local fire departments, Cape Smokey Ski Patrol and EHS were dispatched to a report of two snowshoers needing help on the Cape Smokey Trail.

RCMP officers and firefighters learned the two snowshoers were three kilometers down the trail.

Cape Smokey Ski Patrol used snowshoes to access the trail and EHS provided assistance from the gondola at the top of the hill.

Once ski patrol located the snowshoers and radioed their location, police and a community member used their snowmobiles to navigate to the snowshoers’ position.

The snowshoers and ski patrol members were then loaded onto the police snowmobiles and driven to the top of the hill, where firefighters and EHS were waiting.

Paramedics transported both snowshoers to hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

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