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RCMP deploy spike belt in construction zone on Hwy. 105

On July 10th, at approximately 3 p.m, Victoria County RCMP were assisting Inverness County RCMP in locating a vehicle that had fled from officers in the Port Hawkesbury area earlier in the day.

Police in Port Hawkesbury were conducting a stolen property investigation when they attempted a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle.

The suspect vehicle fled from them, heading east on Highway 105.

A pursuit was not initiated.

Victoria County RCMP members were on patrol on Highway 105 and located the vehicle.

A second traffic stop was attempted, however the suspect vehicle again refused to stop and fled.

RCMP then learned that one of the suspects threatened a person known to them and officers believed the suspects were heading to the victim’s home.

A decision was made to deploy a spike belt near a construction zone on Hwy. 105 in Glen Tosh, which was unsuccessful, as the suspect vehicle successfully avoided the spike belt.

Here's a video. Story continues below.

A short time later, officers were advised by Northeast Traffic Services that they located the suspect vehicle in a ditch off Hwy. 105.

Both the driver and passenger had fled on foot into the woods, however they were immediately located by officers and safely arrested.

A third person, who was also a passenger in the vehicle, was located nearby and was also safely arrested.

The driver of the vehicle, a 37-year-old Point Aconi woman, and, one of the two passengers of the vehicle, a 35-year-old Big Bras D’Or man, were held in custody and will appear in court Tuesday on multiple charges.

The second passenger, a 36-year-old Point Aconi man, was transferred to a municipal police service as he was being sought for arrest in another investigation.

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