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Public Health recommends another booster this fall

Starting next week, adults aged 50 to 69 in Nova Scotia will be eligible to book a second booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Public Health recommends waiting.

Officials say you should be getting the second booster in the fall because the ideal timing for a booster dose is closer to an increase in virus activity.

That best protects people from infection.

As well, new vaccines that may offer broader protection against the Omicron variant may become available.

However, people age 50 to 69 can make the choice to get a second booster sooner.

Nova Scotians in that age range can book 168 days following their first booster dose.

Either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines can be booked for the second booster dose.

People who can't receive those mRNA vaccines for medical reasons may opt to receive Novavax.

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