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Province investing $6.4 million into a Cape Breton hiking trail

Visitors to northern Cape Breton will soon be able to enjoy a new coastal hiking trail within the Polletts Cove-Aspy Fault Wilderness Area north of the Cabot Trail.

The Province is investing $6.4 million into the design and construction of the nearly 50-kilometre Seawall Trail, including huts and bridges, as well as marketing, communications and engagement with local Mi’kmaw communities.

Allan MacMaster, Minister of Finance and MLA for Inverness says the trail has the potential to be one of the best hikes on the continent.

“The Seawall Trail has the potential to become one of North America’s iconic wilderness attractions for world travellers.
“It is an investment that will allow visitors to experience coastal scenic beauty now and forever.”

The Municipality of the County of Inverness is leading the Seawall Trail project.

Bonny MacIsaac, Warden of the Municipality of the County of Inverness says the county has established itself as a world-class destination for those who love our exceptional landscapes and access to pristine wilderness.

"Today’s announcement will bring joy to the local communities that have actively worked to promote this project for several years.
It will also bring employment opportunities to this part of the county over the coming years and provide a significant pull for our thriving tourism industry for generations to come."

Visitors will have options for multi-day and shorter wilderness hikes and opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

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