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Gaelic College president excited about CBFM

The first official day of CBFM is here.

Cape Breton's favourite radio station will broadcast music from the island 24/7.

The station will feature many genres of music.

You'll hear singers like Aaron MacDonald, Jenn Sheppard, Steve MacIntyre and many more.

It wouldn't be a Cape Breton Station without some tunes.

You'll hear music from Beolach, Coig, Howie MacDonald, Natalie MacMaster, Tracey Dares MacNeil and the list goes on.

CBFM is owned and operated by the Gaelic College.

President Rodney MacDonald says this is a step in the right direction for Cape Breton music.

"When you think of Cape Breton, you think of the music. The talent on this island is top of the line and we want to share it with the world. CBFM will do that all day, every day."

MacDonald says the station website went live this weekend and thousands have clicked their way over to to check things out.

He says the station has been on in his house over the last few weeks as the final testing was being completed.

MacDonald says he's been loving the music mix and he hopes "you feel the same way too".

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