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"No windmills for Creignish" - Allan MacMaster

A proposed project in Inverness Co. will not go ahead.

The MLA for Inverness said on Wednesday that a proposal for windmills stretching from Long Point to Creignish has been rejected.

Finance Minister Allan MacMaster says his office received many concerns about the proposed project and this decision should put the minds of local property owners at ease about any development in this area.

The former Liberal provincial government created an external procurement agency to ask for renewable energy projects.

The Rhodena Wind project was considered for the Creignish area, but it was not included in the final portfolio of approved projects on Wednesday.

MacMaster says these projects will happen in other areas across Nova Scotia.

“There are many possible locations in our province to generate renewable energy, including the offshore.”

The provincial and federal governments have changed the name and the mandate for the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board.

The new Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Energy Board will include regulation of renewable energy generation like offshore wind turbines.

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