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New rules for hockey in place

With COVID cases high across the province the following rules are in place for the sport we love.

• Games and tournaments are not permitted

Groups of 10 participants (including coaches and instructors) will be permitted in the field of play for practices and training. This means that effective immediately, a team could practice in separate groups of up to 10 (including coaches and instructors) on the ice at the same time, but you would need to ensure that the groups (including coaches and instructors) are completely separated from the time they arrive at the facility until the time they leave. Players could not switch groups (ex: players are not permitted to spend half a practice with one group and then spend the other half with the other group) during the practice. You would also need to ensure that you have enough space to be able to do so at all times in the facility and on the field of play.

Physical distancing is not required during these sessions, but masks are required everywhere in the facility.

• Spectators will be not be permitted at any activities

• Travel restrictions remain in effect that prohibit children age 11 and younger from entering or leaving Nova Scotia to participate in sports

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