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New Inverness multi-court facility will have pickleball, basketball and more

The community of Inverness will have a new way to stay active with the creation of an outdoor multi-court recreation facility.

The provincial government will contribute $610,000 for accessible pathways, pickleball courts and a basketball court.

The Inverness outdoor recreation facility will serve the entire region for tournaments, inter-school play, and tourist use.

Allan MacMaster, Minister of Finance and MLA for Inverness says he likes to see investments for youth that give everyone a chance to play.

"Organized sport is wonderful, but so are the games that just start up amongst friends looking for something to do outside. This facility will give that opportunity."

The multi-court recreation facility is part of a wider investment from the provincial government that sees $2.7 million invested in sport and recreation organizations in Cape Breton.

Bonny MacIsaac, Deputy Warden for the Municipality of the County of Inverness says this is a great investment for physical and mental health.

“Collaborative recreation projects such as the Inverness Outdoor Recreation Facility contribute to positive physical and mental health outcomes, increased visitation and retention, and improved livability.". “This multi-court recreation space project will create an accessible, multi-purpose recreation space in the community of Inverness as a county- wide shared asset which will benefit all residents.”

There's no word on when the facility will open.

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