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More doctors start working in Inverness

Starting this week, two new doctors will be working full time at the Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital (ICMH).

Dr. Kathryn Binnersley and Dr. Jasmine Lowry are graduates of the Dalhousie University Family Medicine Residency Program and have spent the past two years working as medical residents in Inverness and other areas of Cape Breton.

Heather Gillis, ICMH facility manager says the hospital is grateful for the addition of new doctors.

“Across Nova Scotia and Canada, there is a shortage of family doctors.
In Inverness Co., with our aging population, increased numbers of emergency visits, especially during the summer, there is a great need for doctors so we could not be more thrilled with Dr. Binnersley and Dr. Lowry joining our team in Inverness.”

Brenda Rankin MacDonald, ICMH Charitable Foundation fundraising coordinator, is also excited about the new doctors and features them in this year’s fundraising campaign.

“It is exciting times at (the) Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital and we hope the public will donate to this year’s mailout campaign or online at to support the work of our healthcare team, including our two new doctors, at ICMH.
Your healthcare is our priority and supporting our staff and patients will only benefit everyone who comes to ICMH.
On behalf of the ICMH Charitable Foundation, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Binnersley and Dr. Lowry.”

Dr. Kathryn Binnersley, a big Rankin Family fan that grew up in Ottawa says she always wanted to explore the east coast of Canada and has a big love for the music and culture.

“I chose Inverness for my residency for several reasons.
I knew I wanted to work in a rural hospital to focus on family and emergency medicine.
I am also very interested in the strong history, music and dance culture in Cape Breton.
I love going to local ceilidhs, concerts, pubs, dances with the local music.
It is everywhere and is it very alive within the culture.
I wanted to explore this and coming to Inverness gave me a chance to do just that.”

For Dr. Binnersley, setting up practice in Inverness has lots of advantages.

“I have already been here for two years which gave me the opportunity to get to know my colleagues and the medical community which is a relatively small group.
Everyone knows each other.
I already know majority of the staff as well as many of the specialists.
This will be good for my patients.
From working here, I am pleased to see that the genuine caring feeling for patients is very present here in this hospital.”

Dr. Lowry hails from Caledon, north of the Toronto airport and always wanted to work in a rural area.

“I knew I wanted to be surrounded by nature.
Inverness Co., with its many hiking trails and beaches, was an obvious choice.
My husband and I love exploring the trails in the Cape Breton and Mabou Highlands.
In the winter, I rent cross country skis from the county.”

Dr. Lowry also knew she wanted to be a rural family physician.

“It is the broad scope of work that attracted me to family medicine.

Dr. Lowry will be working in the hospital’s emergency department and seeing patients in her office.

CBFM would like to welcome these two new doctors to the area!

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