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MASK UP: Staff and students at StFX required to wear mask in classrooms

If you are heading to a StFX classroom in the fall, you'll have to remember your mask.

In an email to students and staff, university officials said the mask can only be removed when presenting if physical distancing is poossible.

"Masks will continue to be required in all instructional spaces such as classrooms, labs, and studios until further notice.
In those spaces, faculty who are teaching, and students who are presenting, may remove their masks when speaking, if they are physically distanced.
In all other spaces on campus, masks—while not mandatory—are strongly recommended. "

StFX also encourages anyone who is not yet fully vaccinated, including booster shots, to get the shots where possible before returning to campus.

The school is the only one in the province to require masks in instructional spaces.

Dalhousie, Saint Mary's and Acadia say they will continue to follow recommendations from Public Health.

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