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Margaree Co-op opened after hours to feed fire departments responding to a fire

Two local fire departments and the Department of Natural Resources responded to a fire this week.

This story is about that...sort of.

The North East Margaree Fire Department and the Margaree Fire Department responded to the structure fire.

With all these men and women heading to a scene where they didn’t know how long they would be there, the departments knew they better get some food.

On Facebook, The North East Margaree Fire Department says they made a quick phone call to Faye Tompkins and she opened the Margaree Co-op for the departments and they were able to get sandwiches, fruit, cookies and water.

Not only did Tompkins open the store to feed these firefighters, the Co-op also donated all of the supplies.

Hats off to the Margaree Co-op!

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