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Young Cape Breton refs wear green armbands to reduce harassment

The Cape Breton West Minor Hockey Association is starting something new.

It's called the green armband initiative.

The idea originated in 2020 in Quebec and now Hockey Nova Scotia is following suit.

All officials under the age of 18 will wear a green armband on their left arm for all games regardless of whether they are working as a referee or linesperson.

All first-year officials over the age of 18 will also be required to wear the green armband.

Damian MacInnis, Referee in Chief for Cape Breton West Minor Hockey says this is being introduced to reduce harassment and abuse of younger on-ice officials.

"Over 40% of all Cape Breton West officials are under the age of 18 and work a large portion of all minor hockey games in the association.
This will clearly identify them as minors to coaches, parents, players, and league officials."

MacInnis says one out of every three officials quit after their first year, over half quit after two years and 65% are no longer officials after 3 years.

Officials cite harassment and abuse as a reason why they quit officiating.

MacInnis ended his email by saying

"Remember. Without referees, there’s no hockey."
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