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Local development associations send letters to Cabot about possible golf course

Two local development associations that would receive money if a golf course is built in West Mabou, have recently sent letters to Rodney MacDonald and Cabot Cape Breton.

Both non-profit organizations are not giving an opinion at this time.

You can read the full letters below.

Mabou & District Community Development Association

Dear Rodney

Re: Letter of Support – Proposed Mabou Golf Course

Mabou & District Community Development Association (MDCDA) has been asked to provide a Letter of Support with respect to the proposed Mabou Golf Course to be developed on Provincial parkland in West Mabou.

MDCDA has discussed and debated the advantages and disadvantages of this development, and after careful and thoughtful consideration we have agreed to the following:

“At this time, we are unable to provide an opinion on the proposal until further consultation has taken place with Cabot, the Government and the Community of Mabou and District. After this consultation has taken place, we believe we will be in a better position to make a more informed decision.”

MDCDA is a group of active, engaged, committed and goal-oriented volunteers that advocate for Mabou and District. However, we are not elected officials, and as such, we do not have the capacity or mandate from the residents to speak on their behalf.

Yours truly,


West Mabou Development Association

2399 Little Mabou Road

Inverness County, NS

November 8, 2022

Re: Cabot Golf Course Proposal

To Whom It May Concern,

West Mabou Development Association has been asked to provide a Letter of Support with respect to the recent Cabot proposal to develop a golf course on the provincial park in West Mabou.

Our board met on November 3rd to discuss this matter. As one of the community organizations approached, WMDA has been placed in the forefront of what is a divisive proposal in our community. A vote by our WMDA board either in favour, or against the proposal, would be used as a show of either community support or community opposition. After much discussion, it was decided that WMDA does not have the authority to speak on behalf of our area residents, or to be perceived as speaking on their behalf.

For this reason, West Mabou Development Association has chosen to remain neutral and we respectively decline to offer an opinion on the matter of the proposed West Mabou Golf course.


West Mabou Development Association

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