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Extended holiday break for students

Students will return to class on January 10th and staff return January 4th.

The extended break allows families to monitor students for COVID-19 symptoms before they return to school.

It also allows more time for schools to ensure they have enhanced public health measures in place.

“We know that the best place for students is in school where they have continued access to learning and the supports and services they need for their emotional and mental well-being,” said Becky Druhan, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development. “To support the safety of staff and students, and to support public health efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 to protect those who are more vulnerable for severe disease and our healthcare system, we are introducing additional public health measures.”

High case numbers driven by the Omicron variant of COVID-19 have led to changes in Nova Scotia’s approach to testing and case management.

Public Health is focusing its efforts on those at highest risk of severe disease and hospitalization.

Those not considered high risk are being asked to test at home and self-manage their case, including contacting all close contacts.

This approach will be extended to schools.

Public Health will no longer contact trace in school settings.

Students who are sick or who are close contacts of a known case should stay home and follow public health guidance that is available online.

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