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COVID numbers down but so is testing

Today, February 8, Nova Scotia is reporting 12 new hospital admissions and nine discharges.

There are 91 people in hospital who were admitted due to COVID-19 and are receiving specialized care in a COVID-19 designated unit.

That includes 14 people in ICU. The age range of those in hospital is 0-97 years old.

The average age is 65, and the average length of stay of people admitted to hospital due to COVID-19 is 8.3 days.

Of the 91 people in hospital, 87 were admitted during the Omicron wave.

The vaccination status of those in hospital is:

  • 21 (23.1 per cent) people have had a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine

  • 36 (39.5 per cent) are fully vaccinated (two doses)

  • 1 (1.1 per cent) is partially vaccinated

  • 33 (36.3 per cent) are unvaccinated

It is important to note that less than 10 per cent of Nova Scotians are unvaccinated.

There are also two other groups of people in hospital related to COVID-19:

  • 130 people who were identified as positive upon arrival at hospital but were admitted for another medical reason, or were admitted for COVID-19 but no longer require specialized care

  • 142 people who contracted COVID-19 after being admitted to hospital.

Vaccine Coverage:

As of February 7, 2,157,384 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered.

Of those, 91.5 per cent of Nova Scotians have received their first dose, and 84.8 per cent have received their second dose.

As well, 58.1 per cent of Nova Scotians 18 and older have received a booster dose, and 3.2 per cent have booked a booster dose appointment.

Cases and Testing:

On February 7, Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) labs completed 2,020 tests.

An additional 219 new lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 are being reported.

There are 81 cases in Central Zone, 46 cases in Eastern Zone, 41 cases in Northern Zone and 51 cases in Western Zone.

As of today, there are an estimated 3,132 active cases of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia.

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