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Cape Breton woman named Softball PEI Coach of the Year

A Cape Bretoner that was living across the Northumberland Strait won an award.

Brooke Hawley from Port Hood, Inverness Co. is the Softball PEI Coach of the Year!

Here's the full release from Softball PEI:

"This young lady was new to Summerside and as an EA found herself volunteering to coach the SIS school softball team.
From there the word spread to our association at a time when we were looking for a coach for our U16A team.
When approached she simply said “Of course, I would love that!”.
Not having any children, she was entirely new to our association, but she had coached softball and baseball in Nova Scotia.
At the time of her arrival, the team was struggling.
The long-time coach for that age group had to pass due to an injury, and a couple attempts by other parents to coach was not working out.
She arrived and brought her experience as a provincial player (NS) at that age to work taking control of the team, asking parents to give her space, and asking the girls to listen.
Parents and players responded and after a rocky start the team went on a winning streak that went from early July to the end of the season.
She spoke from experience and it seemed to ring with the girls.
The girls were showing up like never before, both physically and mentally, and having fun.
She was lovingly nicknamed Mary Poppins, as she showed up to do a job that others couldn’t do, taught a lot of great lessons, made everyone happier, but then had to leave before the final scene."

Congrats Brooke!

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