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Cape Breton Regional Police looking for person that fled

A 39-year-old man will appear in Sydney Provincial Court Friday, while police continue to look for another after he fled.

While conducting an ongoing investigation into illegal drug activity, Street Crime and Community Safety Enforcement officers identified a man driving a Ford F-150 truck, who is known to police to be prohibited from driving.

Officers blocked the vehicle when it parked at the gas pumps at the Irving on Main Street in Glace Bay, and the suspect driver attempted to run, but was caught quickly and arrested.

The passenger in the truck then moved to the driver’s position and drove off, striking both police vehicles in the process.

Patrol officers observed the suspect vehicle traveling on Main Street at a high rate of speed and in the interest of public safety, police did not continue pursuit.

A two vehicle collision was reported in Dominion minutes later, involving the same suspect vehicle, which again fled from that scene.

The collision caused minor damage to the second vehicle, and that driver was uninjured.

Police later located the vehicle, abandoned, on Neville Street in Reserve Mines.

The initial driver of the vehicle, Stephen Frederick Hanna is charged with driving while disqualified, resisting arrest and a breach of probation.

Police continue looking for the second man involved in this incident and ask anyone with information to please contact police or Crime Stoppers.

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